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KaffeeSATZ PR was founded by Sabine Jürgenmeier as a press and PR agency in 2009. The main field KaffeeSATZ PR focuses on is the hot beverage sector, i.e. first and foremost coffee, which indeed is no coincidence: Till the end of 2008 Sabine Jürgenmeier used to be editor-in chief of a very reknown trade publication for the coffee business in the German speaking area, called COFFEE BUSINESS (formerly known as COFFEE-SHOP). From 2001-2008 she accompanied the German coffee business watching it thriving and prospering.  In the years 2006-2007 she was also responsable for aroma, a technical journal for small- and medium-sized coffee roasters in the European area.
A life without coffee is inconceivable for Sabine Jürgenmeier, therefore it suggested itself that she remained true to the coffee business: As a PR- and Press consultant she makes use of her in-depth knowledge of the coffee business when advising her clients.
On May 1st 2009 Iris Gerlach joined KaffeeSATZ PR in order to support Sabine Jürgenmeier in her press work. Iris Gerlach is mainly responsible for compiling press distributors tailored to each individual client, scheduling media plans and coordinating advertising activities of clients.
From 2005-2009 she used to be head of advertising of COFFEE BUSINESS and aroma and is therefore not only familiar with the process of media planning, but has also got technical knowledge of the coffee business.


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